RDX Anti-settling thixotropic agent

  • Product model : RDX
  • Brand : Longhai Chemical
  • Minorder : 1
  • Supply Ability : 300T/Month
  • Payment : T/T in advance, L/C at sight
  • Port : China sea port
  • Certification : Reach
  • Place : China
  • Packaging : 25kg/independent package

Detail Description

RDX Anti-settling thixotropic agent

It is synthetic nano-scale layer silicate. 

· Informing to low viscosity transparent colloid in water-borne or alcohol-borne systems.

· The concentration in tap water is 10%, it can still keep fluidity up to 24 hours,

· While under little electrolyte, high thixotropic property of gel formed prompt.

Appearance                                                               White powder

Specific surface area                                                360-390 m2/g

Density GB/T 1033.1-2008                                        1000 kg/m3

PH (2% suspension liquid)                                         9.2

The product is recommended to be used in water-based thixotropic system whichhigh-viscosity shear-thinning is required, water-based coating, home-care, industry-cleaning, ceramic-glaze, agriculture chemicals, oil-field and gardening.


 RDX is excellent thixotropic agent in organic solvent, the solvent content should be controlled and not exceeded the following concentration: Methyl alcohol 50%,  Ethyl acohol 30%,  Isopropyl alcohol 30%,  Ethylene glycol 50%.

If use the softened water, the viscosity will gradually increase within 24 hours, while in the hard water, the viscosity increased rapidly, using the warm water is conducive for dispersing.

RDX pre-gel is stable in the acid and alkaline situations. It is best effect while the PH is 5.5-13. RDX is not suitable for acid system.

The product is packed by 25kg/independent package, please store it in a cool and  dry place. The storage period of the product is up to 12 months at least, since the delivery date. After it all, the product should be inspected  before usage.  

All the ingredients are complied with the regulations listed in the TSCA (USA) and the EINECS (EU), and all are safe and environmentally friendly, strictly hew to the latest regulations on environmental protection in Europe. For more information, please feel free to contact us-Longhai Chemical Co., Ltd.

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