110 Inorganic dispersant agent

  • Product model : 110
  • Brand : Longhai Chemical
  • Minorder : 1
  • Supply Ability : 300T/Month
  • Payment : T/T in advance, L/C at sight
  • Port : China sea port
  • Certification : China
  • Packaging : 25kg/plastic bag

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Detail Description

110 Inorganic dispersant agent

 ·This product is copolymer which contains acid groups.

· Good effect on viscosity-decreasing for titanium dioxide

· Good dispersion property to inorganic pigments and fillers

· Increase the solidity content of pigments

· Improve the leveling property, improve the gloss

Appearance                                                                 Light yellow transparent liquid

Effective section                                                         98±2%

Density GB/T 1033.1-2008                                          0.86g/cm3

Acid value                                                                    10-20(mgKOH/g)

This product can be added during any of the processing, it is uniform dispersion after the mixture. It is better performance after the grinding.

The product is recommended to be used in solvent-based systems, has dispersion and viscosity properties to titanium dioxide, iron oxide red, medium chrome yellow, silica, aluminum hydroxide, calcium carbonate and multi inorganic pigments/fillers.

The product is packed by 25kg/plastic drum, please store it in a cool and  dry place. The storage period of the product is up to 12 months at least, since the delivery date. After it all, the product should be inspected  before usage.  

All the ingredients are complied with the regulations listed in the TSCA (USA) and the EINECS (EU), and all are safe and environmentally friendly, strictly hew to the latest regulations on environmental protection in Europe. For more information, please feel free to contact us-Longhai Chemical Co., Ltd.