Introduction about the Characteristics of Additives for industrial (wax powders)

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Introduction about the Characteristics of Additives for industrial coatings
*Micronized wax powder
*Abrasion-resistant wax slurry
*Matting wax slurry
*Sand texture wax powder
*Anti-settling agent
*Dispersion agent
*Specific additives

1.Micronized wax powder
With the development of the coating technology, the production and refined processing of micronized wax powder have been massively improved, specially in the aspects of the stability of quality and variety. There are 2 mainstream methods of technology: the one is high-pressure-air-flow production way, the other is fusion-spraying methodology. The fusion-spraying methodology is suitable for low molecular weight, linear structure and low viscosity wax, since the raw material is with the performance of abrasion resistance and solvent resistance. Longhai chemical have been producing the micronized wax powder by the method of air-flow-smash independently since 2005, and we are the earliest manufacturer which had started to produce micronized wax powder.

The wax additives in the industrial coating is mostly providing the performance of hand feeling, abrasion resistance, matting, anti-settling, and sand ripples effect. It gathered in the surface of the coating to achieve different effects as expectation. The wax of low melting-point is available to increase the smoothness of the surface, the wax of higher melting-point is with the performance to improve the machinery resistance (scratch resistance and abrasion resistance), if the melting-point is more higher(>145), the anti-slipping effect is possessed, which means to decreasing the smoothness of the surface.
Based on different usage, Longhai chemical have developed a serial of products, which are mainly used in solvent system of industrial coating. The micronized wax powder for increasing anti-scratch hand feeling is 202, 205, and Fluorine modified wax 238 (202 is the best cost-efficiency product in coil baking paint, and you can choose 205 if low price is demanded). 239 is with good gloss retention, PTFE wax 236 is with excellent RCA resistance and scratch resistance. We exploited the 2071 wax powder for metal can printing, and increasing the adhesive powder among the adhesion and PE shim, as well as the anti-rust effect. 

Item202 wax205 wax239 gloss-retained wax238 modified wax236 PTFE wax
Dispersing fineness15um15um15um15um15um
Influence on gloss43544
Hand feeling54555
Scratch resistance44555
Effect on the surface of the plate55555
Remarks: We use 5 grades from 1-5 to evaluate the performance, 5 is the best, while 1 is the worst.
The measured formula is the system of thermoplasticity, the addition ratio is 1%.
Conclusion: 202 is the most effectively product in the system of industrial coating (baking paint and thermoplasticity), you can choose 205 if the lower price is requested.

2. Sand surface wax powder
Longhai chemical have been manufacturing the micronized wax powder and sand surface wax powder, and we are the first maker who produced sand texture wax of various hand feeling by taking use of wax in different particles size. The quality of our products are close to the similar types of US brands, and we have accumulated rich technology experiences in the stability performance of the products, we have exploited the sand-surface wax powder by the particles sizes from 10mm to 200mm, in order to satisfy the demands of our clients. In 2011, we developed the 36 series of sand texture wax powder with thermal resistance up to 250℃.

ItemSand surface wax powder
Average particles size10-2015-2520-3025-3535-4544-5550-7060-8080-100100-120120-140
Melting point()>160>160>160>160>160>160>160>160>160>160>160
Anti-high-temperature sand texture waxesTemperature resistant sand surface wax powder
 3617 3676367736783680368236843686388
Particles size 17 303550657590110150
Temperature resistance >300 >300>300>300>300>300>300>300>300

3.Wax slurry
Liquid wax slurry have 2 advantages: one is less matting effect than micronized wax powder in the high-gloss formula, while provide excellent soft-feeling effect and scratch resistance. The other is the good transparency due to the small particles size and narrow particles distribution. The Formula engineer can choose whether the wax slurry or the organic silicon, to obtain the wax feel or oil feel according to the requirement. Longhai wax slurry imported and adopted the high-press freezing technology to ensure the uniform and stability of the particles distribution. Recently a series of wax slurries with different characteristics, such as 2521 (with strong abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, meanwhile without influence on the gloss effect); and 2110 scratch-resistant wax slurry (without influence on the gloss effect, and provide effect aluminum orientation).  We have developed the finger-scratch-resistant HY wax slurry aiming at the metal printing industry.

8900 PU wax and 201P PE wax can be chosen for anti-settling effect, as well as 226 EVA wax to effect aluminum orientation.

Item2110 wax slurry2521 wax slurry4832 wax slurry
Scratch resistance90016001200
Plate surface effectGoodGoodGood
Measure after adding 2% wax slurry into the Amino-polyester

In the fields of UV curing vacuum plating and UV floor coating, currently, the wax slurry from Japan and South Korea have occupied the main market, due to the coarse particles property for most of the internal products. In 2013, Longhai Chemical have produce the 253 matting wax slurry, through improving the reaction equipment and modifying the wax properties, it solved the problem about coarse particles generating by UV wax slurry during UV thin coating, while filled in the blank of internal wax slurry, by the lead of technology.

Item253 matting wax slurryCompeted products in Japan and South Korea
RCA abrasion resistance28 times30 times
TransparencyVery goodGood
Surface effectGoodVery good
UV system, addition ratio 10%, thickness of spraying coating is 6mm

The comparision about the performance of micronized wax powder and wax slurry

Physical PropertiesWax powderSelf-dispersion wax slurryEmulsion-borne or solvent-borne wax slurry
Matting effectHighDescendLow
Slipping effectHighNo changeMiddle
Scratching/Scrubbing resistanceHighDescendHigh
Easy to useLowIncreaseHigh
Anti-blockingHighNo changeMiddle

4. Anti-settling agents 
The comparision about the performance of our anti-settling additives and the ones from other suppliers.

Physical PropertyControlled flocculation dispersionOrganic bentoniteFumed SilicaPolyethylene wax slurryPolyamide wax slurryUrea
Anti-settling mechanismCharges repellent or steric hindrance to avoid the agglomeration of filler and pigmentPlate structure generate hydrogen bonding, effect net structureThe interaction between silanol groups is hydrogen bonding, increase  the viscosityModified wax provide the weak hydrogen bonding, effect net structurePolyamide provide the hydrogen bonding, effect net structure3 dimension hydrogen bonding network
Remarks: We use 5 grades from 1-5 to evaluate the performance, 5 is the best, while 1 is the worst.

Longhai chemical utilize the polybasic acid and polyamine to compound 8100 polyamide wax powder which used in anti-corrosion coating and adhesive agents, with brilliant anti-settling effect and anti-sagging effect. 8900 is pre-dispersed wax slurry with 20% solidity content, the polyethylene wax slurry 201P can be chosen to effect anti-settling performance. The 226 is aluminum pigments orientation used in the auto refinish coating, good alignment property, no-blackening for storage.

5. Solvent-borne dispersion
The procedures of pigment grinding can be divided into 3 steps:
The first step, the whole air and damp in the surfaces of pigments are expelled and substituted by resin solution. Solidity/gas interface(pigment/air) was transferred to solidity/liquor interface(pigment/resin solvent). The resin solution should be infiltrated into the spaces among the particles.
The second step, the grinding of pigments, fracture the pigment particles through the mechanical energy (striking and cutting force), the particles size decrease accordingly.
The final third step, the pigment dispersants should be stabilized in order to avoid the formation of uncontrolled flocculation. Make the pigment particles to keep appropriate distance mutually by using he specific technology, without recovering the touch. In most of the applications, obtain the stable deflocculating status. And in other applications, the pigment dispersants can stay stably under the controlled flocculation condition. (first step(wetting) and third step (stability) can be effected by the additives. The wetting agents accelerate the resin wetting up the pigment particles, the dispersion agents promote the stability of the pigment particles. Most of the dispersants have both the wetting property and dispersion property.

The technology about compound the dispersants
1.       Fatty acid structured wetting dispersant 150, 160, 160A, 1055
2.       Polyurethane structured polymer dispersant 163A
3.       Acrylic ester structured polymer dispersant 109, 120, 121, 123, 110, 9010
4.       Based on CPT controlled polymer dispersant

Highly recommended dispersants by Longhai 
1.160A, 163A dispersants
Item160A163ABYK 163
Same viscosity, same solidity content19%21%22%
Fineness after 30days storageNo coarse grainsNo coarse grainsNo coarse grains
Pattern effectBlackness is a little lower, the hue is a little blue, the hiding performance is not as good as BYK 163Blackness is good, the hue is a little red, the hiding performance is good.Blackness is good, the hue is a little red, the hiding performance is good.
Conclusion: 160A is highly cost-effective, not recommend to be used in high-class lacquer, 163A is equal as BYK163.
Testing condition: Polyester-amino system, 1000# carbon

110,9010,109 dispersants
Titanium dioxideBest   
Aluminium oxide Best  
Calcium carbonateBest   
Matt powder  Best 
Color chip   Best

2.Use the following formulation
Lacquer A(competitor’s product)            Lacquer B(Longhai 110)
Supon SP4270A                        60
Dispersant                              0.5
Lonmon R996 Titanium dioxide           30
XYL                                    6
CYC                                    3.5
Total                                   100
3.2500RPM disperse 15min, using the curing agent DX-50 by Doxu, diluents to test and compare the performance of the 2 items, the data is as following:
ItemLacquer A (competitor’s product)Lacquer B(Longhai 110)Remark
Foam stability43 
ThinningLacquer: DX-50=2:1 
Hiding performance44Drawing 100µm 3DD paper
ThinningLacquer: DX-50:Thinner=2:1:1 
Spraying testingFlatting property43
Frogging property44
Hand feeling33
Plate effect43
Remark: The 5 means the best, the 0 means the worst.

3. Conclusion: consequently, Longhai 110 can effectively decrease the viscosity of the coating, the wetting property is better than the competitor’s products. The hue of Titanium dioxide, the competitor’s products are equal to ours, no influence the final hand feeling of the coating film. The flatting property and plate surface effect is not as good as the competitor’s products, judged by the sprayed plates, the competitor’s plate is more white color, and the color of longhai’s 110 plate is slightly yellow but not distinct.

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